Xin Chen Zhao (Radiation Oncology)

Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital HM Puerta del Sur, Mostoles, Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Chen-Zhao obtained her Medical Doctor degree from TheAutonomous University of Madrid in 2012, Spain, and now is a consultant ofDepartment of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital HM Puerta del Sur, Mostoles. She received residencytraining at the University Hospital HM Sanchinarro.

Hermain researches are focused on general radiotherapy and SBRT (stereotactic bodyradiation therapy)/SABR Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, especiallypancreatic tumour SBRT.  She haspresented clinical research results of pancreatic SBRT in ESTRO meetings. DrChen also has a broad experience in other areas such as HDR Brachytherapy andthe use of radiotherapy for non-malignant diseases. Dr Chen also has made a great success as a clinician. In daily practice,she has always been had interest in rare tumours or rare presentation of afrequent illness. She had published in the very first years of her career acase report about advanced urethral paraganglioma.

Article Published in AME Case Reports

Diagnosis and Management of Spinal Metastasis ofprimary brain tumours
Xin Chen-Zhao, LuisAznar-García