Antonio Mariotti, MS MD (Urology)

Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa do Hospital Sírio Libanês (IEP/HSL), São Paulo, Brazil

Antonio Carlos Heider Mariotti graduated in medicine from the University of San Francisco in 2006 (Brazil). He received residency training in Urology at the Regional Hospital of Presidente Prudente where he became a preceptor of Urology for 2 years. Postgraduate in Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology at the Sírio-Libanês Hospital, he has a master's degree in Health Sciences in minimally invasive surgical technique in urology by the Institute of Education and Research of the Sírio-Libanês Hospital. Scholarship research in Urology at the University of Kentucky in 2013. Titular Member of Brazilian Urological Society and International Member of the American Urological Society.

He clinical practices as a urologist in a private institution. In the academic environment he is a full professor of the Universidade do Oeste Paulista and Universidade de Adamantina.

He currently is a PhD student in Health Sciences from the Institute of Education and Research of the Sírio-Libanês Hospital, researching new technologies for the treatment of urologic diseases with the use of laser and bladder cancer.

He has published works in several areas of urology. The latest on teaching and training of minimally invasive techniques in urology and penile lesions.

Article Published in AME Case Reports

Ureteritis cystica and ureteral polyp—case report
Caio Janeiro, Felipe Oliveira, Gustavo Andrade, Luana Viana, Maria Eduarda Cunha, Antonio Mariotti, Marco Arap