Nicolo Fabbri MD (General Surgery)

Department of Morfology, Experimental Medicine and Surgery, Section of Chirurgia 1, Sant’Anna Hospital, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy

Dr. Fabbri obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Ferrara in 2012, and now is a surgeon in training of Department of General and Thoracic, S. Anna Hospital, Ferrara, Italy.

He received training in the University of Ferrara.

His main researches are focused on general and thoracic surgery, especially gastro-intestinal malignancies. Notably, he published two literature reviews on tumoral pathology of the stomach and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

Starting from 2017 he manages a site of scientific divulgation "" where he exposes ongoing research at the Surgical Department and develops scientific insights.

From 2018 attends at the Unit of Senology of the National Oncological Reference Center of Aviano (Italy).

Winner of the Alberto Barioni Prize 2017 established by the Order of Physicians of the Province of Ferrara with the research: "Treatment of perianal fistulas with inoculation of autologous micro fragmented adipose tissue".

Graduated in clinical ultrasound at the Italian society of ultrasound in medicine and biology since 2016.

Article Published in AME Case Reports

A rare case of intralobar pulmonary sequestration: combined endovascular and video-assisted thoracoscopic approach
Nicolò Fabbri, Nicola Tamburini, Roberto Galeotti, Francesco Quarantotto, Pio Maniscalco, Rosa Rinaldi, Elisabetta Salviato, Giorgio Cavallesco

Surgical excision of a tufted angioma of the hand in an adult—a rare case report with a review of literature
Nicolò Fabbri, Francesco Quarantotto, Annalisa Caruso, Elena Montinari, Serena Rubino, Nicola Tamburini, Pio Maniscalco, Giorgio Cavallesco