Masahiro Yanagiya, MD (Thoracic Surgery)

Department of General Thoracic Surgery, NTT Medical Center Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yanagiya obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Tokyo in 2010, and now is a clinical fellow of Department of General Thoracic Surgery, NTT Medical Center Tokyo. He received residency training in the University of Tokyo Hospital and Hitachi General Hospital. He is qualified as Japanese Board Certificated Surgeon.

His main researches are focused on general thoracic surgery, especially thoracic malignancies and lung transplantation. Notably, he published a case report of lung transplantation firstly performed in the University of Tokyo Hospital. Moreover, he has presented clinical research results of thymic epithelial tumors in international conferences.

Dr. Yanagiya also has made a great success as an outstanding clinician. During fellowship in NTT Medical Center Tokyo in 2016, he successfully introduced a novel preoperative bronchoscopic technique of virtual-assisted lung mapping (VAL-MAP). Although the VAL-MAP technique had not been covered by insurance in Japan, he participated in a clinical trial to let the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare admit the insurance coverage of VAL-MAP. He applied this novel procedure for many patients in NTT Medical Center Tokyo and greatly contributed to the success of the clinical trial.

Article Published in AME Case Reports

Extended thoracotomy with subcostal incision for giant solitary fibrous tumor of the diaphragm
Masahiro Yanagiya, Jun Matsumoto, Tamaki Miura, Hajime Horiuchi