Bowel obstruction in entero-colic fistula associated with magnet ingestion in children at the Amazonas countryside

Douglas Dallas Muniz Dias, Wolfram W. S. Amorim, Juan E. R. Rodriguez, Júlia F. Cauduro, Samuel P. Pena, Darlla S. Dias, Didney I. Dias, David L. Dias, Cinira S. C. Lima, Tiago M. Cardoso


Ingestion of small objects by children became worrisome as the number of cases increased over the years. Consequences such as intestinal obstruction or even infection of the gastrointestinal tract are becoming more frequent since even in majority cases there is having only an expectant conduct, complications can occur. Also, the combination of two elements such as punctiform metallic materials and imams cause fistula formation in loops with greater ease, granulomas in the intestines, perforation, and can progress to peritonitis or abscesses, as well as having considerable morbidity.