Splenic infarction secondary to myelodysplastic syndrome: unravelling more etiologies

Swarna Sri Nalluru, Vishal Jindal, Paramarajan Piranavan, Yugandhara Kate, Ahmad D. Siddiqui


Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a neoplastic disorder resulting in dysplasia and apoptosis of the hematopoietic clonal cells. The presenting features of MDS are usually dependent on the cellular lineage affected in the bone marrow (BM). Generally, MDS presents in older adults with recurrent infections, anemia, and bleeding tendencies. However, until now, there are no cases of splenic infarction in MDS. Splenic infarction is a rare event and is often reported in myeloproliferative or thromboembolic disorders. In this case report, we present splenic infarction; a never reported clinical manifestation in an MDS patient.