Osteoma arising from the middle turbinate—a case series

Richard Wei Chern Gan, Gayathri Gubbi, Victoria Blackabey, Victoria M. M. Ward


This case series aims to highlight that although extremely rare, osteoma can arise from the middle turbinate. We discuss the condition and treatment options. We describe 2 cases of osteomas arising from the middle turbinate. One occurring in a 29-year-old gentleman who presented to the ENT clinic with left nasal obstruction, and the other in a 65-year-old lady admitted to hospital with headaches and hypotension. Both cases were further investigated with CT scan. Both patients were treated with endoscopic fusion navigation assisted excision. Due to the large size of the mass, the gentleman required the mass to be delivered after it was drilled through and requiring septal deflection and vomerine spur reduction. As for the lady, the mass also required drilling and a posterior septotomy to facilitate dissection and removal of the tumour. Both patients made good recoveries with resolution of symptoms. Although extremely rare, osteomas can arise from the middle turbinate causing symptoms such as headache, facial pain, nasal obstruction and visual problems. As they are slow growing, they can be of large size at presentation. Treatment usually involves surgical excision. Endoscopic excision is usually adequate and safe.