Article Abstract

Spermatic cord paratesticular tumor: a rare case report

Authors: Rodrigo Felipe Gongora da Silva, Rainer Siebold, Ivan C. Pinto Filho, Robert Śmigielski, Ana Flávia Azevedo Querichelli, Mirco Herbort


Paratesticular tumors account for 5% of tumors originating in the scrotum. Angiomyofibroblastoma-like tumor is a rare benign mesenchymal soft tissue tumor found in the genital region in both sexes and is even rarer in the spermatic cord. The origin of this tumor remains the object of speculation, but it is believed to originate from perivascular mesenchymal cells. The purpose of the present case report is to expand knowledge on the histology of this rare paratesticular tumor.