Article Abstract

Surgical excision of a tufted angioma of the hand in an adult—a rare case report with a review of literature

Authors: Nicolò Fabbri, Francesco Quarantotto, Annalisa Caruso, Elena Montinari, Serena Rubino, Nicola Tamburini, Pio Maniscalco, Giorgio Cavallesco


Tufted Angiomas, also known as angioblastomas/Angioblastoma of Nagakawa, are rare vascular neoplasms of both sexes localised to the skin and subcutaneous tissues with the upper trunk and neck being the most common sites. They are more common in children but a few cases in juveniles and adults have been reported. Typically, Tufted Angioma remains stable or can show rarely a spontaneous regression. This article wants to evaluate the efficacy of current treatment modalities for tufted angioma (TA). A review was performed using PubMed database (Medline) for clinical studies. We report our case, a 29-year-old female who presented with a second finger of the left hand, painful, slowly progressive, firm swelling diagnosed as Tufted Angioma on histopathology and immunohistochemistry after complete surgical excision.