Welcome to the AME Case Reports

Welcome to the AME Case Reports

I hereby am pleased to announce the launch of a new journal—AME Case Reports (ACR).

Case reports are a time-honored tradition firmly established in the medical literature. They represent a growing importance of valuable medical information in our modern information-flowing times as many original observations, recognition of new diseases, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods, unusual forms of common diseases, and complications are first published as case reports. Case reports can rarely prove causation but can generate a new hypothesis and stimulate further research.

Over the past decade, personalized medicine has received considerable attention from researchers, drug developers, and regulatory agencies. The process of renewing our focus on individual patients is reflected not only in medical practice and research, but also by global healthcare publications like AME Publishing Company which now owns more than 40 journals covering a broad spectrum of medicine including oncology, pulmonology, cardiothoracic disease, urology and so on.

The launch of ACR as an open access journal is a giant leap forward in this process. ACR aims to provide clinical information on common and rare cases in all medical disciplines for healthcare professionals, researchers and others. With a rigorous peer review system and prominent strategic advisory board, ACR will publish spontaneously submitted reports along with those referred from over 40 supporter journals. Also, by delivering the content free of charge to authors and readers, and with a rapid and widespread dissemination in an electronic form, we will help facilitate the management of more cases encountered by many more surgeons and researchers.

I am honored to serve as the first Editor-in-Chief of ACR, and am grateful for having a team of distinguished editorial board members and experienced editors, with whom we will work seamlessly together. I am confident that ACR will get stronger and better step by step.



Zhigang Cao

Editor-in-Chief, AME Case Report
AME Publishing Company, Hong Kong, China.
(Email: caozg@amegroups.com)

doi: 10.21037/acr.2017.09.01

Conflicts of Interest: The author has no conflicts of interest to declare.

doi: 10.21037/acr.2017.09.01
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