Introduction of ACR “Corresponding Authors” Column

Published: 2018-01-25

AME Case Reports (ACR) editorial office has launched a column called "Corresponding Authors" in the editorial board webpage to highlight their works published in ACR in order to express our gratitude for their continuous support to our journal (Figure 1).

Figure 1 The page of Dr. Masahiro Yanagiya

Case reports are seldom cited and often rejected by many journals, especially high impact ones, to protect their impact factors. For this reason, clinicians tend to make their efforts in randomised controlled trials (RCT) rather than case reports. ACR is an international, open access, peer-reviewed online journal publishing original and educationally valuable case reports. Besides distributing periodical news letters to achieve high exposure, case reports published in ACR will be selectively highlighted in the webpage of ACR, specially in the introduction of corresponding authors. It aims to provide a platform where clinicians can share and discuss their personal experience through case reports.

We are very excited to welcome you to be a part of ACR “Corresponding Authors” column. For any enquiries, please contact us via